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Frequent Questions


  1. Compliance Assistance
  2. Where do I begin my search to find information on how to comply with Federal and state/tribal environmental rules and regulations?
  1. Agricultural Compliance
  2. Pesticide Security: Is your pesticide facility secure?
  3. Where can I find information about topics related to agriculture?
  1. Woodstoves
  2. How do I identify an EPA-certified wood stove?
  3. What does a permanent label look like?
  4. What does a temporary label look like?
  5. What types of EPA-certified wood stoves are available for sale?
  6. Why purchase an EPA-certified wood stove?
  1. Air Facility Systems
  2. Are all records reported on in the validation report exported?
  3. How do I link actions using the UI?
  4. I thought that the UI would prevent accidental reporting of duplicate actions but I'm finding duplicates in AFS. How come?
  5. Someone manually added and changed actions in AFS, and the action history in the UI don't match them anymore. How do I get my UI history to match AFS?
  6. We are now reporting new action types that we know are valid in AFS but the UI still tells us they are not valid. What's going on?
  1. Good Laboratory Practices
  2. Protocols Can a "generic protocol" be used for obtaining sponsor approval?
  3. Definitions Can an experiment be divided into more than one study, based on where or when the work is performed, or the phase of the experimental work?
  4. Test Control and Reference Substance Can data developed by the supplier of the standard be accepted? If not, can it be used on an "interim" basis until the standard is adequate characterized?
  5. GLP Violations Can EPA assess penalties for GLP violations?
  6. GLP Violations Can EPA reject studies not conducted in accordance with GLPS?
  7. More...
  1. DMR-QA
  2. Am I required to participate in this DMR-QA Study?
  3. Can I use a Water Pollution (WP) Study to satisfy DMR-QA requirements?
  4. How should laboratory personnel perform DMR-QA tests?
  5. What do I do if a laboratory receives a "Not Acceptable" result?
  6. What is the purpose of this DMR-QA Study?
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